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Media Advisory: Johns Hopkins to Host International Symposium on Understanding Health Benefits and Risks 05/09
A Message to the University Community on Swine Flu 04/09
President, Three Faculty Members Named AAAS Fellows 04/09
JHU Researcher Discovers That Brain Cells Have "Memory" 04/09
Lab-on-a-Chip Homes in on How Cancer Cells Break Free 03/09
Researcher Seeks to Turn Stem Cells into Blood Vessels 02/09
A Better Mesh: Researchers 'Tighten' Body's Protective Coating 02/09
JHU Team Selected for Prestigious Kellogg Biotech & Healthcare Case Competition 01/09
Schools of Education, Nursing Strong in Downturn 01/09
Wireless Microgrippers Grab Living Cells in 'Biopsy' Tests 01/09
White House Ceremony Honors Johns Hopkins Materials Scientist 12/08
Tiny Protein Provokes Healthy Bonding Between Cells 11/08
'Enlightened' Atoms Stage Nano-Riot Against Uniformity 11/08
JHU Chemist Devises Self Assembling "Organic Wires" 10/08
Two Johns Hopkins Professors Receive "Genius" Grants 09/08
Hibernation Studies, Tiny Medical Tools Lead to Major Grants 09/08
Helping Teachers Understand How the Brain Learns 09/08
$2 Million Computer Will Help Unravel Major Medical Ailments 07/08
Johns Hopkins Sets Research Pact with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft 07/08
Students' Device Allows ICU Patients to Get Back on Their Feet 05/08
Johns Hopkins Professors Elected to National Academy of Sciences 04/08
Different Processes Govern Sight, Light Detection 04/08
Undergrad Helps Create 3-D Images of Brain Tumor Blood Vessels 04/08
Solving the Z Ring's Mysteries May Lead to New Antibiotics 04/08
"Lab on a Chip" Mimics Brain Chemistry 02/08
RLTV, JHU and NCHC to Air "Healthcare '08: earch for Solutions"
Johns Hopkins' Beemon Wins Prestigious Retrovirology Prize 12/07
Together We Stand: Bacteria Organize to Survive Hostile Zones 11/07
Six JHU Researchers Named 2007 AAAS Fellows 10/07
A Tiny Pinch from a 'Z-Ring' Helps Bacteria Cells Divide 10/07
Thumb-Size Microsystem Enables Cell Culture and Incubation 10/07
William R. Brody: Media, Candidates Not Addressing the Right Questions
Pliable Perception: Adult Brains Reorganize after Injury 09/07
It's Time to Look at Health Risks in a New Light, Authors Say 08/07
Medical Metal Detector Finds 'Lost' Orthopedic Screws 06/07
Students Devise Oral Quick-Dissolve Strips for Rotavirus Vaccine 05/07
Students Invent Protective Pouch to Enhance Cell Therapy 05/07
Malaria-Infected Mice Cured by One Dose of New Drug 04/07
Media Advisory: Conference to Combat Minority Health Disparities in Baltimore 03/07
Undergrad from Torrance, Calif., Seeks to Reduce Seizures PURA Award, 03/07
Johns Hopkins Joins Seven Other Institutions to Warn Congress about Dangers of Flat Funding of Biomedical Research 03/07
New Digital Grid Will Link Heart Researchers Worldwide 03/07
Future Physicians Listen to Experts in 'Voyage & Discovery' 02/07
Computer Tool Helps Pinpoint Risky Gene Mutations 02/07
Electric Fish Shed Light on Ways the Brain Directs Movement 01/07
Coated Nanoparticles Solve Sticky Drug-Delivery Problem 01/07
Hybrid Molecule Causes Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct 01/07
Snake-Like Robot and Steady-Hand System Could Assist Surgeons 12/06
Researcher Gives Robotic Surgery Tools a Sense of Touch 11/06
Electric Jolt Triggers Release of Biomolecules, Nanoparticles 09/06
Teen Researcher Seeks a Better Way to Treat Tuberculosis 08/06
Statement from Johns Hopkins University on Stem Cell Vote 07/06
Students' Device May Improve Chest Closure after Heart Surgery 06/06
Nanobiotechnology Team Aims Small but Thinks Big 05/06
Johns Hopkins Establishes Center for Global Health 05/06
New Engineering Center to Transform Sensor Technology 05/06
Two Johns Hopkins Faculty Elected to American Academy 04/06
Sex-Related Hormone Also a Brain Signaling Chemical 04/06
Johns Hopkins Receives $10 Million for Basic Research 04/06
Anthony Chyou: Proteins as Disease Markers 03/06 [PURA Award]
Claire Edington: AIDS Prevention in South Africa 03/06 [PURA Award]
Thanissara 'Noon' Chansakul: Finding a Catalyst for Cartilage Creation 03/06 [PURA Award]
Thanissara 'Noon' Chansakul: Finding a Catalyst for Cartilage Creation 03/06 [PURA Award]
Laura Rupprecht: Tiny Filaments That Give Bacteria Their Shape 03/06 [PURA Award]
Research Team Identifies Cause of Memory Loss 03/06
Infection 'Alarm' Yields Clues to Immune System Behavior 02/06
Johns Hopkins to Offer Online Master's Degree in Bioinformatics 01/06
Tiny Self-Assembling Cubes Could Carry Medicine, Cell Therapy 12/05
New Nanosensor Uses Quantum Dots to Detect DNA 12/05
Nano-Biotechnology Training Will Help Create Hybrid Researchers 11/05
JHU Course Catalog: The Body and Health Care in Japan 11/05
Media Advisory: Stem Cell Research 101 — The Science, Ethics and Politics of Stem Cell Research 11/05
Institute Taps Computer Power to Advance Medical Research 10/05
Phytochemicals May Protect Cartilage, Prevent Pain in Joints 10/05
Modified Collagen Could Yield Important Medical Applications 08/05
New Memory Drug Works Best in Combination with Older Remedy 06/05
Pikesville Resident Wins Postdoctoral Fellowship 05/05
Two Johns Hopkins Scientists Elected To National Academy Of Sciences 05/05
Six Johns Hopkins Professors Receive Guggenheim Fellowships 04/05
Provost Undergraduate Research Award: Undergraduates Make Heart Research Discoveries in Medical Lab 03/05
Provost Undergraduate Research Award: New Jersey Resident Wins Johns Hopkins Research Award 03/05
Provost Undergraduate Research Award: Undergraduate Tests Safety of Tissue Engineering Technique 03/05
Newly Discovered Pathway Might Help in Design of Cancer Drugs 03/05
Provost's Undergraduate Research Award: Dallas Resident Studies Tribal Health Care in India 03/05
Provost Undergraduate Research Award: Student Identifies Electrical Changes Preceding Heart Failure 03/05
Replicating an Eel's Nerve Circuitry May Aid Paralyzed People 12/04
Shark Cartilage Cancer Cure Shows Dangers of Pseudoscience 12/04
Improved Molecular Switch Could Serve as Sensor, Medical Tool 11/04
Accelerated Heartbeat Mystery - Is Odd Electrical Wave the Key 10/04
Biotech Business Plan Wins Top Honor for Johns Hopkins Students 10/04
Mitochondria Findings May Help Beat Wide Range of Disease 10/04
New Class of Compounds Promises to Revive Failing Hearts 08/04
New Compounds Show Promise in Fighting Malaria and Cancer 08/04
Self-Assembling Proteins Could Help Repair Human Tissue 03/04
Media Advisory: National Collegiate EMS Foundation conference in Baltimore 02/04
Landmark Fruit Fly 'Map' Could Yield Drugs for Genetic Disorders 11/03
Student Emergency Responders to Host National Conference 10/03
New Device Measures How Much Force Is Used to Deliver a Baby 10/03
Johns Hopkins to Offer Part-Time Master's in Bioinformatics 10/03
Making Tiny Plastic Particles to Deliver Lifesaving Medicine 09/03
Johns Hopkins to Offer Joint MS/MBA Program for Biotechnology 07/03
Student-Built Pill Dispenser Gives Patient More Independence 06/03
Hopkins Appoints First Associate Provost for Animal Research 06/03
Drug Design Expert Sets His Group's Sights on SARS 05/03
Surgeon Aids Profession Through Gifts, Global Technology 04/03
Project Prevent Health Fair Targets West Baltimore 04/03
Provost Undergraduate Research Award: Johns Hopkins Senior Terry Dean Studies Sleeping Patterns of Fellow College Students 04/03
Provost Undergraduate Research Award: Undergraduate Uses Complex Math to Help Predict Dementia 04/03
Provost Undergraduate Research Award: Undergraduate Helps Give Medical Robots a Sense of 'Touch' 04/03
Mystery Flu Rx: Don't Panic 03/03
Media Advisory: New Contraceptive Microbicide in Clinical Trials 02/03
Johns Hopkins Uses IBM Technology in Heart Disease Research 02/03
Media Advisory: Lego Surgery Contest 01/03
Technology Review Hails Johns Hopkins Researcher as Pioneer in Tissue Engineering, One of the Top Ten Emerging Technologies 01/03
Cellular Pathway Contains A 'Clock' that Steers Gene Activity 11/02
Tissue Engineers Steering Stem Cells to Produce Bones, Cartilage 08/02
Hopkins 4K for Cancer Student Cyclists End Their Journey 07/02
Drug Resistance May Prove More Pervasive in African HIV 07/02
Hill Named Johns Hopkins Dean of Nursing 05/02
Johns Hopkins Cross-Country Bike Trip to Raise Money, Awareness 05/02
Hopkins Bioethics Institute Receives $9.9 Million from Pew Trusts to Establish Genetics and Public Policy Center in Washington 03/02
Undergraduate Unravels Genetic Mysteries in Pesky Fruit Flies 03/02
Undergrad Probes Regeneration of Nerve Cell Branches 03/02
Mutations May Yield Clues to Heartbreaking Childhood Disease 03/02
New Contraceptive to Block "Sperm and Germs" 01/02
Sidney Kimmel Gives $150 Million To Hopkins For Cancer Research and Patient Care; Gift Is Largest Ever Received By The University 11/01
Hopkins Scientist Sanctioned over Drug Trial in India 11/01
Media Alert: Israeli Stem Cell Scientist Will Take Part in Johns Hopkins-Technion Conference On Biomedical Research Breakthroughs 09/01
Digital Model of Amoeba Helps Scientists Study Human Cells 05/01
Proteins in African HIV Strains Interact Differently with Drugs 05/01
$100 Million Pledged to Defeat Malaria 05/01
Bloomberg School of Public Health Launches $100 Million Initiative to Rid World of Malaria 05/01
Donaldson to Leave Nursing Deanship
Fox to Head Urban Health Institute
Hopkins Undergraduates Honored for Research 04/01
Genes-to-Proteins Connection May Have New Twist 02/01
Johns Hopkins to Start Premed Program for College Grads 12/00
Tracking a Microscopic 'Rocket' by Its Tail: Laser Device Lets Researchers See How Bacteria Spread Between Cells 10/2000
Process May Help Scientists Find New Antibacterial Drugs 08/00
Molecular Architects Create New Cancer Preventives 08/00
Baltimore Researchers Receive $40 Million from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 08/00
Hopkins Professor's Work is Focus of Unique Start-Up 06/00
Shark Cancers Cast More Doubt on Cartilage Pills 04/2000
The Voyage Continues: World-Renowned Hopkins Researchers Join Unique Lecture Series (Feb-April)
Undergrad's Research Could Lead to Early Detection of Heart Disease (02/00)
Emerging "R&D" Pattern in Genes May Reduce Evolution's Risks 02/00
IBM Supercomputer at Johns Hopkins Hunts for Clues to Heart and Brain Disease 11/99
'HARP MRI' Provides Faster, Clearer Pictures of Heart Problems (10/99)
Unprecedented View of RNA Structure Captured 05/99
Behind Every Scientific Discovery There's A Great Story 03/99
Scientists, Using Flies, Trace Genetic Links to Cancer 01/99
Plugging the 'Glue' in Sticky Blood Cells Could Save Lives 08/98
Johns Hopkins Scientists Designing Compounds to Fight Malaria 02/98
Computer Models of the Heart Can Help Cure Cardiac Ills 07/97
Stopping "Cellular Suicide" Could Boost Production in Biotech Labs 07/97
Scientists Studying Hormones and Behavior to Meet in Baltimore 05/97
Moving DNA Molecules with Magnetic Tweezers 01/97
Johns Hopkins Professor Saw RNA's Potential When Field Was Young 01/97
Proteins Interacting with RNA and DNA Are Surprisingly Similar 01/97
Promotions to Professor: The Johns Hopkins University 06/96
Promotions to Professor: The Johns Hopkins University 01/96
Scientists Find Promising Anti-AIDS Compound in Creosote Plant 12/95
Promotions to Professor: The Johns Hopkins University 12/95
Innovative Blood Research Earns Hopkins Engineer a Whitaker Grant 07/95
Trustees approve promotions to professor 02/95

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