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Natural Sciences

JHU Researcher Discovers That Brain Cells Have "Memory" 04/09
Researcher Seeks to Turn Stem Cells into Blood Vessels 02/09
JHU Team Selected for Prestigious Kellogg Biotech & Healthcare Case Competition 01/09
Five JHU Researchers Named 2008 AAAS Fellows 12/08
Magma Discovered in Situ for First Time 12/08
'Enlightened' Atoms Stage Nano-Riot Against Uniformity 11/08
How We See Objects in Depth: The Brain's Code for 3-D Structure 10/08
JHU Chemist Devises Self Assembling "Organic Wires" 10/08
Johns Hopkins 'Building a Biotech Bridge to China' 10/08
JHU'S Karlin Earns Two American Chemical Society Awards 10/08
Helping Teachers Understand How the Brain Learns 09/08
JHU Biotech Program, U.S. Army Enter Collaborative Relationship 05/08
Smolensky Appointed International Pascal Research Chair 05/08
Different Processes Govern Sight, Light Detection 04/08
New Technology Makes 3-D Imaging Quicker, Easier 02/08
Chemistry Experts Team Up to Predict Pollutant Reactions 02/08
Johns Hopkins' Beemon Wins Prestigious Retrovirology Prize 12/07
"Magma P.I." Unearths Clues to How Crust Was Sculpted 12/01
How Do We Make Sense of What We See? 11/01
Biotech Students "From Bangalore to Baltimore" Can Study Online 11/01
Johns Hopkins' Dagdigian Is Maryland Chemist of the Year 11/01
Six JHU Researchers Named 2007 AAAS Fellows 10/07
Researchers View Swimming Tactics of Tiny Aquatic Predators 10/07
Johns Hopkins Chemist Honored for Research in Propellants 08/07
Johns Hopkins Chemist Wins NSF Early Career Award 07/07
JHU's Olson Elected to National Academy of Sciences 05/07
Malaria-Infected Mice Cured by One Dose of New Drug 04/07
Roth of Johns Hopkins Wins Sloan Fellowship 04/07
Electric Fish Shed Light on Ways the Brain Directs Movement 01/07
Researchers Create New Class of Compounds 01/07
JHU, Howard, PGCC Team to Train Minority Scientists 12/06
Johns Hopkins Biologist Wins Packard Fellowship 11/06
Nobel Co-Winner Is Johns Hopkins Faculty Adjunct 10/06
Mathematicians Maximize Knowledge of Minimal Surfaces 08/06
Johns Hopkins Opens New Center for Cell Imaging 08/06
Corals Switch Skeleton as Seawater Changes 07/06
Frederic M. Richards to Speak at Johns Hopkins 05/06
Nanobiotechnology Team Aims Small but Thinks Big 05/06
Report: Computing Poised to Change the Way Science Is Done 05/06
Two Johns Hopkins Faculty Elected to American Academy 04/06
Johns Hopkins Receives $10 Million for Basic Research 04/06
Johns Hopkins Biologist Named "Million-Dollar" Professor 04/06
Hamilton's Christopher Kovalchick Voted "Young Trustee" 03/06
Johns Hopkins' JAMI Wins Math Society of Japan Award 03/06
Undergraduate from New Jersey Earns National Honor 02/06
Johns Hopkins' Roseman Honored by Journal 02/06
Hard Science/Soft Skills Is Topic of Lecture Series 02/06
Johns Hopkins to Offer Online Master's Degree in Bioinformatics 01/06
Nano-Biotechnology Training Will Help Create Hybrid Researchers 11/05
Johns Hopkins' Bowen Named Maryland Chemist of the Year 11/05
"Superstrings" Celebrates Einstein's Physics, Love for Music 11/05
Symposium Celebrates Einstein's Miraculous Year 11/05
Nobel Laureate to Speak at Johns Hopkins 10/05
Decisions, Decisions: Male or Female? 08/05
Pikesville Resident Wins Postdoctoral Fellowship 05/05
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects Irwin and Olson 04/05
Lava Lamp-Like Process Caused World's Largest Zinc Deposit 04/05
Low Level of Extinction During Ice Age Linked to Adaptability 04/05
Nobel Laureate to Give Brickwedde Lecture at Johns Hopkins 03/05
Provost Undergraduate Research Award: New Jersey Resident Wins Johns Hopkins Research Award 03/05
Newly Discovered Pathway Might Help in Design of Cancer Drugs 03/05
Johns Hopkins Geobiologist Wins Prestigious Macelwane Medal 02/05
Doura Selected for Biophysical Society Student Travel Award 02/05
Thickman Chosen for Biophysical Society Student Travel Award 02/05
Mathematician Receives Japan's Order of the Sacred Treasure 01/05
Shark Cartilage Cancer Cure Shows Dangers of Pseudoscience 12/04
Sea Change: Skeletons of Ancient Corals Different from Today's 11/04
Geologists to Gather at Johns Hopkins to Plan Antarctic Trek 10/04
Mitochondria Findings May Help Beat Wide Range of Disease 10/04
JHU Course Catalog: Cancer, Science and Society 10/04
Media Advisory: Drug Discovery, High Throughput Screening, and Training Inaugural Event 09/04
Grant Lets Johns Hopkins Math Department Bang the Research Drum 09/04
Media Advisory: Inauguration of New Master of Science Degree in Bioscience Regulatory Affairs 09/04
Three Faculty Honored with Named Professorships 08/04
Posner Honored by World's Largest Scientific Society 08/04
New Class of Compounds Promises to Revive Failing Hearts 08/04
Chemical Catalysts May Neutralize Groundwater Contaminants 08/04
New Compounds Show Promise in Fighting Malaria and Cancer 08/04
Johns Hopkins Professor Wins First Francis Bacon Award 06/04
Media Advisory: Nobel Prize-Winner Peter Agre to Meet with City's Top Science Students and Their Principals 04/04
Media Advisory: Nobel Prize-Winner Peter Agre to Address Baltimore Public School Science Teachers 03/04
Provost's Undergraduate Research Award: Earth & Planetary Science Major Digs for Clues 03/04
Provost's Undergraduate Research Award: Public Health Major Lifts a Historical Shadow 03/04
Genetic Master Switch Sends Bacteria Toward 'Seafood Dinner' 12/03
Back on the Airways for the First Time in 43 Years 10/03
Johns Hopkins to Offer Part-Time Master's in Bioinformatics 10/03
New Pollutant Cleanup Technique Puzzles, Pleases Chemists 09/03
New Chemistry Building Opens at Johns Hopkins 08/03
Johns Hopkins to Offer Joint MS/MBA Program for Biotechnology 07/03
Five Professors Named to Krieger-Eisenhower Chairs 06/03
Hopkins Appoints First Associate Provost for Animal Research 06/03
Drug Design Expert Sets His Group's Sights on SARS 05/03
Hopkins Biologist Philip E. Hartman, 1926-2003 05/03
Hopkins Chemist Wins Guggenheim Fellowship 04/03
Provost's Undergraduate Research Award: Johns Hopkins Senior Terry Dean Studies Sleeping Patterns of Fellow College Students 04/03
Wind's Energy Transfer to Ocean Waves Quantified for First Time 03/03
Media Advisory: New Contraceptive Microbicide in Clinical Trials 02/03
Biotech Program Adds Regulatory Affairs Concentration 10/02
Hopkins Wins $2.2 Million for Undergraduate Science Education 07/02
Drug Resistance May Prove More Pervasive in African HIV 07/02
Scientist Probes Fossil Oddity: Giant Redwoods near North Pole 03/02
Undergrad Finds Clues to 400-Million-Year-Old Mystery 03/02
Astronomers Determine Color of the Universe 01/02
Ancient Supernova May Have Triggered Eco-Catastrophe 01/02
New Contraceptive to Block "Sperm and Germs" 01/02
Droplets in Salt Crystals Confirm Historic Ocean Changes 12/01
Hopkins Scientist Sanctioned over Drug Trial in India 11/01
Water Panel Starts "Conversation" Between Religion and Science 11/01
New Antimalarial Drug Succeeds in First Animal Tests 08/01
New Material's Odd Traits to Help Improve Computer Memory 06/01
Toxic Compound Opens Potentially Important Cell Gates 06/01
Digital Model of Amoeba Helps Scientists Study Human Cells 05/01
Proteins in African HIV Strains Interact Differently with Drugs 05/01
Hopkins Undergraduates Honored for Research 04/01
Genes-to-Proteins Connection May Have New Twist 02/01
Suspect List Shortens for Maternal Aggression's Brain Origins 11/00
Nobel Winner is Hopkins Grad 10/00
Process May Help Scientists Find New Antibacterial Drugs 08/00
Molecular Architects Create New Cancer Preventives 08/00
Hubble Sees Comet Linear Blow Its Top 07/00
Hopkins Professor's Work is Focus of Unique Start-Up 06/00
Memory, Forgetfulness Help Hamsters Time Breeding 05/00
Shark Cancers Cast More Doubt on Cartilage Pills 04/2000
Brain Cell 'Chorus' Appears as Attention Increases 03/00
The Voyage Continues: World-Renowned Hopkins Researchers Join Unique Lecture Series (Feb-Apr)
Fossil Plants' Ties to Ancient Carbon Redefined 02/00
Emerging "R&D" Pattern in Genes May Reduce Evolution's Risks 02/00
Earth's Core May Contain Cold Front of Molten Iron 11/99
Hopkins-led Team Developing New Ways to Handle Data Deluge 09/99
Scientists Identify Molecular Source of Friction 06/99
Unprecedented View of RNA Structure Captured 05/99
Lab Assistant Tackles Preakness Trash, Saves Acres of Rainforest 04/99
Engineering Students Pursue Cutting-Edge Research 04/99
AT&T, Johns Hopkins Team to Raise the Bar on Math Achievement for U.S. Students 01/99
Scientists, Using Flies, Trace Genetic Links to Cancer 01/99
Helping Students Break Barriers in Sciences, Engineering 01/99
Cheap Soy-based Antibodies Successfully Prevent Genital Herpes in Mice 12/98
Clues to Horse Extinctions Point to Gritty Grass, Changing Climate 10/97
Fisheries Scientists to Meet at Johns Hopkins 09/97
Biology Undergrads Use Theater to Teach Elementary School Kids 04/97
Fast-moving Fluid Jets May Turn Sound Energy into Light 04/97
Scientists Urge Further Study of Alarming Coral Reef Decline 03/97
Moving DNA Molecules with Magnetic Tweezers 01/97
Johns Hopkins Professor Saw RNA's Potential When Field Was Young 01/97
Proteins Interacting with RNA and DNA Are Surprisingly Similar 01/97
The Science of Siting: Using Math to Pick Prime Locations 11/96
Surprising Protein Movement Seen in Cell 08/96
Math Researcher Tries to Crack Statistical 'Curse' 03/96
New Work Sheds Light on Controlling Chaos 02/96
Scientist Stirs up Hot Theory on Ocean Chemistry 02/96
Hopkins Chemists Develop Efficient Molecular Solar Cells 01/96
Scientists Find Promising Anti-AIDS Compound in Creosote Plant 12/95
Scientists Discover a Genetic Basis for Aggressive Behavior in Male Mice 11/95
- The Making of Knockout Mice
- Key Members of the Research Team
Biologists Finds Structure Essential for Life 11/95
Nobel Laureate Christian Anfinsen Dies 05/95
Brain Holds Key to Mammals' Spring Mating 04/95
Hopkins Hosts International Math Conference 03/95
Hopkins Scientist Uncovers Extinction Pulses 11/94
Hopkins Geochemist Develops Promising Computer Model 05/94

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