Pablo A. Iglesias

Pablo Iglesias got his PhD from Cambridge University in 1991 and his Bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto in 1987. His research focuses on the use of control and information theory to study biological signal transduction pathways. Among his research interests are: understanding how cells interpret directional cues to guide cell motion, the regulatory mechanisms that control cell division, and the sensing and actuation that enable cells to maintain lipid homeostasis. Additionally, he teaches courses in control systems design, linear and nonlinear systems, and feedback control in biological signaling pathways.

Sayak Bhattacharya

PhD student ( Working on modelling excitable systems, to simulate and analyze the dynamics of cell migration.

Debojyoti Biswas

PhD student ( Working on modelling the signalling pathways involved in gradient sensing and cell migration.

Kathleen DiNapoli

PhD student ( Working on simulating the cell boundary by formulating level sets to analyze cell-cell collision and inter-cellular dynamics.

Tatsat Banerjee

PhD student. Working with the Devreotes lab to study protein dynamics in travelling waves.

Matthieu Le Cauchois

Visiting undergraduate student from EPFL. Working on modelling and controlling wave patterns and characteristics in the motor cortex.

Qingruo (Angela) Si

MS student. Working on studying stochastic software for molecular dynamics simulations.