RENÉE MARLIN-BENNETT, Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University

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International Studies Compendium Project

Edited by Renée Marlin-Bennett  

The Compendium Project, including International Studies Encyclopedia, International Studies Online, and forthcoming Guides to International Studies (topic specific volumes) are a resource for the community of IR scholars and students.  Each entry is an in-depth (approximately 10,000 word), peer reviewed, survey of the development of the scholarly literature for a particular subject.
Information, including the table of contents, can be found on the Wiley-Blackwell site.

Call for authors, topic proposals

Our publisher, Wiley Blackwell, and the ISA are currently updating our websites.  Please contact me if you are interested in writing an essay and/or if you have an idea for an essay.


The Wiley/Blackwell website can be found here:Wiley Blackwell Compendium Website