RENÉE MARLIN-BENNETT, Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University

ISA Compendium

Food Fights
Food Fights: International Regimes and the Politics of Agricultural Trade Disputes
Wordle diagram of my research themes

Selection of recent articles:

R. Marlin-Bennett (forthcoming 2016).

"Everyday Rules and Embodied Information: Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorist Financing Practices and Radio Frequency Identification Tags as Security Politics." Critical Studies on Security.


R. Marlin-Bennett (2011). “I Hear America Tweeting and Other Themes for a Virtual Polis: Rethinking Democracy in the Global InfoTech Age.” Journal of Information Technology and Politics 8.2, 129-45.


R. Marlin-Bennett, M. Wilson, and J. Walton (2010). "Commodified Cadavers and the Political Economy of Spectacle." International Political Sociology 4.2 (June), 159-177.

Knowledge Power
Knowledge Power: Intellectual Property, Information, & Privacy
Alker and IR


Alker and IR: Global Studies in an Interconnected World

My research ranges over a number of themes, including the global political economy of information; the body and international relations; the interplay of culture, markets, and politics in the evolution of rules; and International Relations theory. As the diagram* above illustrates, I am particularly interested in information and power, embodied information, and information age challenges to global orders.