RENÉE MARLIN-BENNETT, Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University

ISA Compendium

Current Postdoc

Lauren B. Wilcox

Former Students Doctoral Students

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Sumita Pahwa
, 2012. "Reframing Political Religion, Reinventing Secularism: The Indian BJP’s and Egyptian Muslim Brothers’ Engagement of Secular Public Discourse (1980s–1990s)." (First reader.)

Sarah O’Byrne, 2011.  “‘There Is Nothing More Important Than Corruption’: The Rise and Implementation of a New Development Idea.” (First reader.)

Stefanie Fishel, 2011. “New Metaphors for Global Living.”

Jeffrey Pugh, 2010. "Overcoming the Invisibility Bargain: Institutional Adaptation, Host-Migrant Peacebuilding, and Human Security in Ecuador."

Daniel Levine , 2010. “Critical  Wrestling: The Problem of Sustainable Critique in International Theory.”

American University, Washington, DC, USA

Huong Nyugen
(incomplete).  “Can a State Create a Market? Intellectual Property Regime Development and Public-Private Boundary (Re)drawing in Science and Technology Policy Reform in China.”  

Karen Froslid (incomplete).  “The Role of Interest Groups in White House Foreign Policy Making.” 

Krithpaka Boonfueng, 2003.  SJD, Washington College of Law.  

Stanley Burgiel, 2002.  “Negotiating the Trade-Environment Frontier: Biosafety and Intellectual Property in International Policy-making.”

Christine Chin, 1995.  “In Service and Servitude: Foreign Female Domestic Workers and the Malaysian Modernity Project.”

Kimberly Holloman (formerly Alexander), 1995.  “The War of Laws in the Soviet Union: Politics as Competing Sovereignty Claims.”

Matthew Mallet, 1993.  "The 'Operational Code' Construct and Belief System Change: The Foreign Policy of the Reagan Administration, 1981-1989."

Elisabeth Prügl, 1992.  "Globalizing the Cottage.”

Deborah Stine, 1992.  “International environmental decision-making.”

Deborah Furlong, 1990.  "From Expropriation to Regulation: A Quantitative History and Analysis of Developing Country Policy vis-a-vis Multinational Corporations."

James C. Roberts, 1989.  "Power and the Evolution of Rule in International Relations." External Examiner at American University

Current JHU Doctoral Students

Yehonatan (Yoni) Abramson

Karyn Jiamin Wang