Undergraduate Student Handbook
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Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science Degree [Top]

  Completing a Major
The Distribution Requirements
The Writing Requirement
Number of Credits Required for Graduation
Minimum Grade Point Average Required for Graduation
Number of Full-time Semesters Required for Graduation (Residence Requirement)
Statute of Limitations

Registration Policies [Top]

Reviewing and Printing Registration Schedule
Adding a Course
Dropping a Course
Withdrawing from a Course

Credit Limit
Exceptions to Credit Limits
Registering for Independent Academic Work
Registering for Summer Courses at JHU
Registering for Courses in Other JHU Divisions
Registering for Courses in Other JHU Divisions, Summer
Registering for Courses at Cooperative Schools

Grading Policies [Top]

Letter Grades and Grade Point Average
Freshman First-Semester Grading Policy
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading
Incomplete Grades
Changing a Grade
Repeating a Course
Credits and Grades for Language Elements Courses

Dean’s List

Policies on Majors and Minors [Top]

Choosing a Major
Departmental Directors of Undergraduate Studies
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Declaring a Major in Arts and Sciences
Declaring a Major in Engineering
Interdisciplinary Major
Changing Majors or Advisers
Double Majors
Restrictions Applying to Double Majors
Double Majors with a Natural Sciences Area Major
Engineering Students with a Second Major in Arts and Sciences
Declaring a Minor

Academic Standing amd Satisfactory Academic Progress [Top]

Academic Probation
Dismissed for Unsatisfactory Academic Performance
Satisfactory Academic Performance
Eligibility for Financial Aid
Eligibility to Register

Sources of Credit [Top]

Policies for Students Admitted to JHU as Freshmen
Sources of Credit Prior to Matriculation
Advanced Placement Exams
International Baccalaureate Exams
Other Foreign Certificate Exams
Placement in Courses
JHU Pre-College Program
Deferred Admission
Courses at Other Colleges and Universities
Sources of Credit After Matriculation
Summer Courses at Other Colleges and Universities
Study Abroad
Online Courses
Policies for Students Admitted to JHU as Transfer Students
Sources of Credit Prior to Matriculation
Baltimore Hebrew University
Maryland Institute College of Art
Peabody Conservatory
Sources of Credit After Matriculation

Matriculation Status [Top]

Contact Information
Leave of Absence
Voluntary Withdrawal from the University

Tuition and Fees [Top]

Tuition Refund Policy
Maintaining Eligibility for Financial Aid

Absence from Class Due to Illness [Top]

Attendance [Top]

Absence for Religious Holidays
Approved Absences

Academic and Professional Opportunities [Top]

Study Abroad
Combined Bachelor's/Master's Programs
Scholarships and Fellowships
Semester in D.C.

Graduation Policies

Completing Graduation Requirements
Application to Graduate
Last Semester Option
S/U Option in the Last Semester
General and Departmental Honors at Graduation
Graduating Early
Graduation Closes the Undergraduate Record
Earning a Second Major or Minor
Completing an Honors Thesis
Participation in Commencement
Second Bachelor's Degree

Exceptions to Academic Policies and Practices [Top]

Standards and Policies [Top]

Undergraduate Student Life Policies [Top]

Undergraduate Student Conduct Code [Top]

Student Conduct System [Top]

Administrative Hearing Process [Top]

Undergraduate Academic Ethics Board

Student Activities Policies [Top]

Automobiles and Parking


Student Technology Services Policies [Top]

Photography and Film Rights