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Not-So-Great Expectations
By Dale Keiger
Half of all freshmen arrive at Johns Hopkins expecting to have an unsatisfactory student experience. And too many do, according to a new report from an influential university commission. Administrators are listening ... and acting.

Cutting Through the Smoke
By Gregg A. Wilhelm
Environmental health expert Devra Davis, MPH '82, combines personal experience, hard science, and storytelling in an influential first book that is a clarion call for immediate policy reform.

A Whole Different Approach
By Lavinia Edmunds
In troubled urban high schools -- from Philadelphia to Hawaii -- an innovative model for whole school reform developed by Hopkins sociologist James McPartland is having dramatic results.

Making Waves
By Michael Purdy
Just how does wind transfer energy to waves? The problem impacts everything from weather forecasting to global warming, and it has perplexed scientists for years. A team led by Hopkins' Tihomir Hristov may finally have answers.

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