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Losses Unbearable
Passionate, loving, loyal, kind. Those Hopkins people whose lives were cut tragically short on September 11 were all that and more. Much, much more.

Camelot at Dawn
Excerpted from the book by Anne Garside
Rarely seen photos of Jack and Jackie Kennedy--treasures pulled from the Peabody Institute archives--capture the newlyweds at home, at work, and at play.

"Hunger for a Glorious Future!"
By Emily Carlson (MA '01)
Dramatically cutting back on what you eat appears to slow the ravages of aging. But the drawbacks are no piece of cake, as our enterprising writer found out.

Rethinking Roanoke
By Dale Keiger
Forget much of what you've learned about the Lost Colony at Roanoke, says anthropologist Lee Miller (MA '87). Her solution? A riveting tale of sabotage and intrigue.

The Weird, Weird World of DNA
By Michael Purdy
Hopkins scientists who work at fathoming the stuff of life find DNA to be incredibly complex, frequently amazing, and out-and-out strange.

  Wholly Hopkins

University: A time for mourning

Astronomy: Harnessing a tsunami of data

University: Lead study fallout lingers

Homewood: Cancer trial in India draws fire

Nursing: Addressing a hidden killer in South Africa

Art History: Of sprites earthy and sublime

Health: Physician, heal the system

Biomedicine: Tissue engineering begins to gel

Alumni: Catching up with Greg Drozdek '95

Historic Houses: A palette for life's lessons

In Memoriam: A voice that will be missed

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Johns Hopkins
Magazine, November 2001

Cover photography by Sam Kittner, of the September 29 funeral of APL supervisor Ron Vauk, a U.S. Naval reservist killed at the Pentagon on September 11.

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