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Physics and Astronomy
Bagger Elected to National Space Biomedical Research Institute Board 05/09
Refined Hubble Constant Narrows Possible Explanations For Dark Energy 05/09
Johns Hopkins Astrophysicist Elected to National Academy of Sciences 04/09
Media Advisory: Physics Fair at The Johns Hopkins University 04/09
Cool Stars Have Different Mix of Life-Forming Chemicals 04/09
New Recipe for Dwarf Galaxies: Start with Leftover Gas 02/09
Johns Hopkins Astrophysicist Wins Comstock Prize in Physics 01/09
Five JHU Researchers Named 2008 AAAS Fellows 12/08
JHU-led Team Wins Supercomputing Storage Challenge 12/08
Two Johns Hopkins Professors Receive "Genius" Grants 09/08
New Superconductors Present New Mysteries, Possibilities 06/08
Team Hopes to Use New Technology to Search for ET's 06/08
WorldWide Telescope Brings Space Exploration to Earth 05/08
National Inventors Hall of Fame Honors JHU's Giacconi 05/08
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects Astrophysicist Riess 04/08
Media Advisory: Physics Fair at The Johns Hopkins University 04/08
WMAP Reveals Neutrinos, End of Dark Ages, First Second of Universe 03/08
Mapping the Cosmos Exhibit Presents Hubble Images as Art 03/08
Video-Friendly Workshops are Part of the American Association of Physics Teachers Annual Winter Meeting 01/08
Astronomers Find Record-Old Cosmic Explosion 01/08
2008 LHC Theory Initiative Awards Announced 12/07
Six JHU Researchers Named 2007 AAAS Fellows 10/07
Media Advisory: Shutdown of NASA's FUSE Space Telescope 10/07
FUSE Reaches the End; Astronomers Say Farewell 10/07
Discovery of "Hidden" Quantum Order Improves Prospects for Quantum Super Computers 07/07
Dark Energy Discovery Leader to Share Gruber Prize 07/07
Johns Hopkins Team Finds Ring of Dark Matter 05/07
Armitage of Johns Hopkins Wins Sloan Fellowship 04/07
Fellowships Aim to Stimulate Young Theoretical Physicists 04/07
Gritsan Wins 2007 NSF Career Award and Sloan Fellowship 03/07
Physics Fair at The Johns Hopkins University Apr 14
JHU Physicist Wins MAHE's 2007 Outstanding Faculty Award 01/07
JHU, Howard, PGCC Team to Train Minority Scientists 12/06
JHU/Illinois Team Wins Bandwidth Bowl 12/06
Johns Hopkins Physics Articles among World's Most Cited 11/06
Huge Astronomy Databases to Be Preserved Online 11/06
JHU-led Team Discovers Exotic Relatives of Protons and Neutrons 11/06
Dark Energy Existed in Infant Universe 11/06
JHU in Science Consortium for Powerful New Telescope 10/06
Johns Hopkins Astrophysicist Wins 2006 Harvey Prize 09/06
Johns Hopkins Astronomers React to Pluto's Planetary 'Demotion' 08/06
Is Pluto a Planet? Astronomers Vote, JHU Takes Straw Poll 08/06
Astrophysicist Shares Gruber Cosmology Prize 08/06
"Hidden" Milky Way Deuterium Found 08/06
NASA Selects Hopkins-led "ADEPT" Space Mission for Concept Development 07/06
Astrophysicist Appointed to Space Science Boards 07/06
Astronomer Is Co-Winner of Million-Dollar Shaw Prize 06/06
"Cosmic Telescopes" May Have Found Infant Galaxies 06/06
Report: Computing Poised to Change the Way Science Is Done 05/06
Media Advisory: Johns Hopkins University Hosts 3rd Annual Physics Fair 04/06
New Satellite Data on Universe's First Trillionth Second 03/06
Media Advisory: New Satellite Data on Universe's First Trillionth Second 03/06
Research Team Identifies Cause of Memory Loss 03/06
Venerable Ultraviolet Satellite Returns to Operations 02/06
First RAVE Data Release Offers Clues to Milky Way Evolution 02/06
Markovic of Johns Hopkins Wins NSF Career Award 02/06
Physicist Named Dean of Krieger School of Arts and Sciences 01/06
Fossil Galaxy Reveals Clues to Early Universe 01/06
Memory Design Breakthrough Can Lead to Faster Computers 01/06
Scientists "RAVE-ing" about Most Ambitious Star Survey Ever 01/06
JHU-STScI Team Maps Dark Matter in Startling Detail 12/05
Johns Hopkins Scientist to Edit Prestigious Journal 12/05
Johns Hopkins Physics Articles among World's Most Cited 11/05
Material May Demonstrate Long-Sought 'Liquid' Magnetic State 09/05
Hubble Captures Deep Impact's Collision with Comet 07/05
Size Matters: Friction, Adhesion Change on Atomic Level 06/05
Two Johns Hopkins Scientists Elected To National Academy Of Sciences 05/05
Media Advisory: Physics Fair at The Johns Hopkins University 04/05
Simulations Reveal Surprising News about Black Holes 03/05
Astronomers Urge Congress to Continue Hubble Science 02/05
Johns Hopkins Astrophysicist Wins Quadrennial Draper Medal 01/05
Falk Named Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences 01/05
Astronomers Take Revealing Peek at Star Factory 01/05
Just in Time for New Year's: A Proposal for a Better Calendar 12/04
$1.2 Million from Moore Foundation Funds Data Analysis Research 11/04
Physicist and Author Brian Greene to Speak at Johns Hopkins 10/04
Astronomers Tackle 400-Year-Old Heavenly Mystery 10/04
Three Faculty Honored with Named Professorships 08/04
Glimpse at Early Universe Reveals Surprisingly Mature Galaxies 07/04
FUSE Satellite Celebrates Five Years in Orbit 06/04
Astronomers Detect Molecular Nitrogen Outside Our Solar System, for the First Time 06/04
FUSE Pierces the Veil 06/04
Physics Fair at Johns Hopkins University 04/04
Hopkins Physics Professor Wins Sloan Research Award 03/04
FUSE "Brain Transplant" Secures Future of Orbiting 07/03
Hot Gas Around Cold Dust Cloud Surprises Astronomers 05/03
Students Will See How Liquids Behave When Gravity is Gone 04/03
Astronomers Stretch Celestial 'Yardstick' to New Lengths 04/03
Virtual Observatory Prototype Produces Surprise Discovery: Early Demo Project Identifies New Brown Dwarf 03/03
Volcanoes on Jovian Moon Spew Salt into Atmosphere 12/02
New Hubble Instrument Wins Popular Science Award 11/02
Galaxy Merger Leaves Behind Telltale Blue Arc 10/02
Physics Nobel Prize Winner Holds Hopkins Research Position 10/02
Virtual Observatory Prototype Wins Microsoft Student Award 04/02
Color of the Universe Corrected by Astronomers 03/02
FUSE Returns to Full-Time Science Operations 03/02
Shuttle launch of new Hubble camera broadcast live at JHU 02/02
New Instrument Package to Expand Space Telescope's Vision 02/02
Astronomers Determine Color of the Universe
01/02 -- NOTE: Please see updated release here.
Ancient Supernova May Have Triggered Eco-Catastrophe 01/02
Astronomers Building National Virtual Observatory at Johns Hopkins University 10/01
Study Stirs Old Debate about Galaxies 06/01
Astronomers Report Galactic Baby Boom 06/01
Comet Spilled Its Guts in Fine Fashion 05/01
Physicists Gather to Make Case for New Particle Collider 03/01
Astronomers Find Missing Type of Quasar 03/01
Survey's Early Results Hint at Galactic Fossils 01/01
High Rate of Star Births Linked to Supermassive Black Holes 11/00
Astronomers Conducting Post-Mortem on Comet LINEAR 10/00
Hubble Sees Comet Linear Blow Its Top 07/00
FUSE Spacecraft Observes Interstellar Lifeblood of Galaxies 01/00
Early Glimpses into Far-Ultraviolet Excite Astronomers 01/00
First Image of a Black Hole's "Shadow" May Be Possible Soon 12/99
Hopkins-led Team Developing New Ways to Handle Data Deluge 09/99
Let's Do Launch! 06/99
See the FUSE launch live on June 23 06/99
FUSE Update: Satellite Launch "Go" for June 23 06/99
FUSE Satellite Finally Approaches Launch 05/99
A Child's Touch Unveils Mysteries of Satellite Universe 04/99
Chasing the Cosmic Fossil: FUSE Satellite Will Test Big Bang Theory 04/99
Astronomer Brings Coherence to Study of Active Galactic Nuclei 03/99
Scientists of Sloan Digital Sky Survey Discover Most Distant Quasar 12/98
Media Advisory: Physicists Discover New Atomic Building Blocks 11/98
Hopkins Sacrifices Telescope, Safeguards Historic Sky-Mapping Project 10/98
Johns Hopkins University Gains NASA Grant to Study Cosmos with Advanced Camera 10/98
Hubble Web Simulcast Takes Listeners on a Tour of the Cosmos 10/98
FUSE Moves Closer to Launch 08/98
Space Cloud Holds Enough Water to Fill Earth's Oceans 1 Million Times 04/98
Discovery Pushes Back Boundaries of Known Universe 03/98
Invading Galaxy Apparently Contains Much Unseen Matter 02/98
Huge Galaxy May Steal Clusters of Stars from Nearby Galaxies 01/98
Astronomers Discover Fluoride Molecules in Interstellar Space 08/97
Astronomers Take Unusual Ultraviolet Image of Orion 06/97
Hubble Telescope "Resolves" Supernova Mystery 06/97
Satellite Captures New Ultraviolet View of Young Stars 06/97
Astronomers, Using New Method, Find Evidence for Missing Matter 04/97
New Information about Hale-Bopp Surprises Astronomers 03/97
Attention Hopkins Stargazers: See Comet Hale-Bopp! 03/97
Comet Experts at Johns Hopkins to Study Hale-Bopp 02/97
Model May Explain 'Super-Rotation' of Earth's Core 01/97
Power Source Hidden in Galaxy Backs Theory on Quasars 01/97
New 'Nanostructures Center' Takes Giant Leap into Small World 01/97
Astronomers Use New Method to Study Deep Universe 08/96
Astronomers to Hold International Conference to Discuss Plans for New Types of Sky Surveys 08/96
In Earthbound Labs, Researchers Unravel the Low-Gravity Physics Of Outer Space 07/96
Results from Lab Model Agree with Galileo Probe's Findings 07/96
Hubble Telescope Yields Insights about Saturn's Rings 04/96
Galaxy Harbors Unusual Dark Matter Concentration 04/96
Hopkins Scientists Hope to End Bubble Troubles in Outer Space 04/96
Astronomers to Capitalize on Rare Comet Visit 03/96
Physicists Find Clues to Adhesive Mystery with Computer Model 01/96
Black Hole Discovery Leads to New Field of Study 12/95
Astronomers Discover Brown Dwarf Orbiting Nearby Star 11/95
NASA Approves Hopkins Astronomy Mission 11/95
Astronomers Focus Hubble on Enigmatic Odd-shaped Galaxies 08/95
Hopkins Chooses Orbital Sciences Corp. To Build Spacecraft 08/95
Hopkins Student Forecasts Cosmic Storms 05/95
Conference on Cosmology, Physics, String Theory 03/95
Hopkins Scientists Play Key Role in Top Quark Discovery 03/95
Astrophysicists Devise New Method for Investigating Dark Matter 02/95
Hopkins Team Finds First Oxygen Atmosphere Beyond Earth 02/95
Scientists Probe Moon Mysteries with Clementine 12/94
Hopkins Scientists Design Advanced Hubble Camera 12/94
Hopkins Astronomers on Science Team Designing Historic Telescope 10/94
Students at Hopkins, Morgan Join with APL to Design Spacecraft 10/94
Hopkins Physicist Wins Research Award 09/94
Hopkins Scientists Probe Atomic Workings of Friction 08/94
Hopkins Astronomers Find Evidence of Black Hole in Andromeda 06/94
Hopkins, Goddard Scientists Find Lunar Surprises with Clementine 05/94

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