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Extraordinary Perception Deficit Sheds Light on How We See 05/09
Media Advisory: Learning, Arts and the Brain — An Educational Summit 04/09
Test Your Approximate Number Sense 09/08
As Easy as 1, 2, 3: Number Sense Correlates with Test Scores 09/08
Switching It Up: How Memory Deals with a Change in Plans 08/08
Even Toddlers Get It: Data "Chunks" Are Easier to Remember 07/08
How Do We Make Sense of What We See? 11/01
Psychologist Paul Bloom to Give Lectures at Johns Hopkins 09/07
Pliable Perception: Adult Brains Reorganize after Injury 09/07
Media Advisory: Johns Hopkins University "Brain Awareness" Activities at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute 03/07
Electric Fish Shed Light on Ways the Brain Directs Movement 01/07
Why Are Uniforms Uniform? Because Color Helps Us Track Objects 06/06
Sex-Related Hormone Also a Brain Signaling Chemical 04/06
Media Advisory: Johns Hopkins University "Brain Awareness" Activities at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute 03/06
Research Team Identifies Cause of Memory Loss 03/06
Johns Hopkins Psychologist Wins Academic Advising Award 01/06
In the Mind's Eye: How the Brain Makes a Whole out of Parts 01/06
"Sharp" Older Brains Are Not the Same as Younger Brains 11/05
Researcher Awarded $1.7m to Study Rare Brain Disorder 09/05
How the Brain Understands Pictures 08/05
Multitasking: You Can't Pay Full Attention to Sights, Sounds 06/05
New Memory Drug Works Best in Combination with Older Remedy 06/05
Language Cues Provide Glue for Visual Learning in Children 05/05
Researchers Find Where Brain Learns to Make Decisions 05/05
Johns Hopkins Opens New Lab for Study of Child Development 11/04
Professor Paul Smolensky Wins International Prize for Work on Human Cognition 08/04
Key Brain Link in Associative Learning Directly Observed 08/03
Brain Researcher Receives $500k Bristol-Myers Squibb Grant 05/03
Male Starlings Sing a Song of Reproductive Fitness 04/02
Hopkins Psychologist Peter W. Jusczyk, 1948-2001 08/01
Scientist Uses Artificial Language to Study Learners 02/01
Suspect List Shortens for Maternal Aggression's Brain Origins 11/00
Memory, Forgetfulness Help Hamsters Time Breeding 05/00
Brain Compound's Aggression-dampening Effects Appear to Reverse in Monogamous Male Rodents 10/99
Brain Chemical Mellows Male Mice, Makes Mouse Mothers Tough (09/99)
From the Mind of Monkeys: New Clues to Evolution of Human Brain 01/99
Memory Loss In Old Age No Longer Linked to Dying Brain Cells 11/98
Psychologist Sees a Changing Role for Therapists 02/98
Infants Have Keen Long-term Memory for Learning Word Sounds 09/97
Scientists Give Computers New Tools to Understand Speech 06/97
Scientists Propose Theory for Brain's Mastery of Language 03/97
Birds Deal Effectively with 'Cocktail Party Effect' 02/97
Overcoming 'Cocktail-Party Effect' May Help Babies Learn Language 11/96
Postmature Infants Not as Easily Calmed as Other Newborns 11/96
Language Plays Key Role in Infant Learning 03/96
Scientists Find New Explanation for Perception Paradox 02/96
Scientists Discover a Genetic Basis for Aggressive Behavior in Male Mice 11/95
- The Making of Knockout Mice
- Key Members of the Research Team
Brain Injury Provides Strong Evidence for Mind's Language Machinery 10/95

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