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The Svetlana Lutsenko Laboratory
The research in Prof. Svetlana Lutsenko's laboratory is focused on molecular mechanisms that regulate copper concentration in normal and diseased human cells. Copper is essential for human cell homeostasis. It is required for embryonic development and neuronal function, and disruption of copper transport in human cells result in severe multi-system disorders such as Menkes disease and Wilson's disease. To understand the molecular mechanisms of copper homeostasis in normal and diseased human cells we utilize multidisciplinary approach involving biochemical and biophysical studies of molecules involved in copper transport, cell biological studies of copper signaling, and analysis of copper-induced pathologies using Wilson's disease gene knock-out mice.
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B.S. (Hon.), Biochemistry, 1984
Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Ph.D., Protein Chemistry, 1989
Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Moscow, Russia
Lutsenko Lab
Department of Physiology
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