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Wilmarth PA, Short KK, Fiehn O, Lutsenko S, David LL, Burkhead JL. (2012) A systems
approach implicates nuclear receptor targeting in the Atp7b(-/-) mouse model of
Wilson's disease Metallomics 4(7):660-8

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Urinary Copper Elevation in a Mouse Model of Wilson's Disease is a Regulated Process to Specifically
Decrease the Hepatic Copper Load PloS One 7(6):e38327

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ATPase ATP7B to Facilitate Analysis of Wilson disease-causing Mutations and Studies of
the Transport Mechanism Metallomics 4(7):669-78

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Roybal JL, Endo M, Radu A, Gray L, Todorow CA, Zoltick PW, Lutsenko S, Flake AW (2012)
Early gestational gene transfer with targeted ATP7B expression in the liver improves
phenotype in a murine model of Wilson's disease. Gene Ther. (in pres)

Peng F, Lutsenko S, Sun X, Muzik O.(2011) Imaging Copper Metabolism Imbalance
in Atp7b (-/-) Knockout Mouse Model of Wilson's Disease with PET-CT and Orally
Administered 64CuCl2 Mol Imaging Biol.(in press)

Barry AN, Otoikhian A, Bhatt S, Shinde U, Tsivkovskii R, Blackburn NJ, Lutsenko S. (2011)
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