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Media Advisory: Johns Hopkins to Host International Symposium on Understanding Health Benefits and Risks 05/09
Senior Shoots For Jeopardy College Finals 05/09
Media Advisory: Maryland Students to Compete in Science Olympiad at Johns Hopkins Mar 28
In Disaster-Prone Areas, Construction Needs a New Approach 03/09
Lab-on-a-Chip Homes in on How Cancer Cells Break Free 03/09
Researcher Seeks to Turn Stem Cells into Blood Vessels 02/09
Who Will Build the Tallest Tower of Pasta and Marshmallows? 02/09
A Better Mesh: Researchers 'Tighten' Body's Protective Coating 02/09
Facebook 101: Students Unveil New Applications for Social Web Site 01/09
Wireless Microgrippers Grab Living Cells in 'Biopsy' Tests 01/09
White House Ceremony Honors Johns Hopkins Materials Scientist 12/08
New Johns Hopkins Degrees Will Give Grads Edge in Business World 12/08
Tiny Protein Provokes Healthy Bonding Between Cells 11/08
'Enlightened' Atoms Stage Nano-Riot Against Uniformity 11/08
Johns Hopkins Joins with Tulane in Post-Katrina Dual Degree Plan 10/08
Hibernation Studies, Tiny Medical Tools Lead to Major Grants 09/08
JHU Launches Online Certificate in Geographic Information Systems 09/08
Johns Hopkins Engineering Programs for Professionals Name New Chairs for Two Study Areas 07/08
Students' Device Aims to Protect Electric Utility Workers 07/08
Kids Test Engineering Skill Building, Breaking Bridges Made of Spaghetti 07/08
$2 Million Computer Will Help Unravel Major Medical Ailments 07/08
Johns Hopkins Sets Research Pact with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft 07/08
Students' Device Allows ICU Patients to Get Back on Their Feet 05/08
Courses Encourage Innovation for Competitive Advantage 05/08
A. James Clark Endows Johns Hopkins' Engineering Deanship 05/08
Student Seeks Links Between Libraries and Neighborhood Poverty 04/08
Undergrad Helps Create 3-D Images of Brain Tumor Blood Vessels 04/08
Student Aims to Keep Cold-Formed Steel Floors from Buckling 04/08
'Green' Engineering Grows More Common in the Classroom 04/08
Solving the Z Ring's Mysteries May Lead to New Antibiotics 04/08
Maryland Students to Compete in Science, Robotics Contests 04/08
"Lab on a Chip" Mimics Brain Chemistry 02/08
Chemistry Experts Team Up to Predict Pollutant Reactions 02/08
Wind Turbines Produce 'Green' Energy — and Airflow Mysteries 12/07
Media Advisory: Students to Race Flippy Cars' Powered by Mousetraps, Rubber Bands 12/07
Media Advisory: Johns Hopkins Holds Lego Robot Competition 12/07
Johns Hopkins Event Will Allow Students to Work on Design Projects 11/07
Together We Stand: Bacteria Organize to Survive Hostile Zones 11/07
Finger-Friendly 'Tactile Interface' Could Aid Blind Computer Users 11/07
Ramesh to Chair Mechanical Engineering for Part-time Programs 11/07
Researchers View Swimming Tactics of Tiny Aquatic Predators 10/07
A Tiny Pinch from a 'Z-Ring' Helps Bacteria Cells Divide 10/07
Thumb-Size Microsystem Enables Cell Culture and Incubation 10/07
Ragweed Research Is Nothing to Sneeze At 09/07
Nanobiotech's Impact on Area Manufacturing Considered
It's Time to Look at Health Risks in a New Light, Authors Say 08/07
200 Blind Teens to Attend Sci-Tech 'Slam' at Johns Hopkins 07/07
Johns Hopkins Researcher to Get Technology Medal at White House 07/07
Language Technology Center Funded at Johns Hopkins 06/07
Medical Metal Detector Finds 'Lost' Orthopedic Screws 06/07
Johns Hopkins to Launch Online Master's Degree Program in Environmental Planning and Management 05/07
Students Devise Oral Quick-Dissolve Strips for Rotavirus Vaccine 05/07
Students Invent Protective Pouch to Enhance Cell Therapy 05/07
Maryland Schools to Compete in Robotics System Contests 03/07
Undergrad from Torrance, Calif., Seeks to Reduce Seizures PURA Award, 03/07
Free Program Will Introduce Middle School Girls to Engineering 03/07
APL's Dexter Smith Named Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering for Johns Hopkins Part-Time Programs 03/07
New Digital Grid Will Link Heart Researchers Worldwide 03/07
Microfluidic Chip Helps Solve Cellular Mating Puzzle 02/07
William Brody Elected to National Academy of Engineering 02/07
Computer Tool Helps Pinpoint Risky Gene Mutations 02/07
Electric Fish Shed Light on Ways the Brain Directs Movement 01/07
Coated Nanoparticles Solve Sticky Drug-Delivery Problem 01/07
Hybrid Molecule Causes Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct 01/07
Snake-Like Robot and Steady-Hand System Could Assist Surgeons 12/06
Computer Scientists Unravel Language of Surgery 12/06
Media Advisory: Can Robots Produce Works of Art? 12/06
Nauticos President Is New Chair of Advisory Council For Johns Hopkins Engineering Programs for Professionals 12/06
Baltimore Area Middle School Girls to Get Introduction to Engineering 11/06
Researcher Gives Robotic Surgery Tools a Sense of Touch 11/06
Free Program Will Introduce Middle School Girls to Engineering 11/06
Spaghetti Bridge Contest Set for Nov. 5 10/06
Johns Hopkins Joins Effort to Boost 'Smart Tag' Security 09/06
Electric Jolt Triggers Release of Biomolecules, Nanoparticles 09/06
Teen Researcher Seeks a Better Way to Treat Tuberculosis 08/06
Inexpensive Hand-Held Braille Writer Devised by Undergraduates 07/06
Johns Hopkins Master's Program Adds Nanotechnology Option 07/06
Students' Device May Improve Chest Closure after Heart Surgery 06/06
Students Design Custom Computer Desks for Woman with Disabilities 05/06
Nanobiotechnology Team Aims Small but Thinks Big 05/06
Report: Computing Poised to Change the Way Science Is Done 05/06
New Engineering Center to Transform Sensor Technology 05/06
JHU Course Catalog: Hot Topics in Education 04/06
Maryland High School Teams to Compete in Robotics Event 03/06
Thanissara 'Noon' Chansakul: Finding a Catalyst for Cartilage Creation 03/06 [PURA Award]
Laura Rupprecht: Tiny Filaments That Give Bacteria Their Shape 03/06 [PURA Award]
Hamilton's Christopher Kovalchick Voted "Young Trustee" 03/06
JHU Offers Post-Master's Certificate in Systems Engineering 03/06
Hurricanes, Other Vortices Seize Energy via Hostile Takeovers 03/06
Infection 'Alarm' Yields Clues to Immune System Behavior 02/06
Undergraduate from New Jersey Earns National Honor 02/06
Two Johns Hopkins Professors Elected to National Academy of Engineering 02/06
Whiting School of Engineering Names New Marketing Director 01/06
Mystery of Metallic Glass Is Cracked by Johns Hopkins Engineers 01/06
Johns Hopkins to Offer Online Master's Degree in Bioinformatics 01/06
Implausible 'Oil Weapon' Constrains U.S. Policy in the Middle East 01/06
Johns Hopkins Engineering Programs for Professionals and Army Corps of Engineers to Host Water Resources Planning Seminar 12/05
Tiny Self-Assembling Cubes Could Carry Medicine, Cell Therapy 12/05
New Nanosensor Uses Quantum Dots to Detect DNA 12/05
Baltimore Area Middle School Girls to Get Introduction to Engineering 12/05
Nano-Biotechnology Training Will Help Create Hybrid Researchers 11/05
Rise in Hospital Noise Poses Problems for Patients and Staff 11/05
Spaghetti Bridge Contest 2005 11/05
New Equation Helps Unravel Erratic Behavior of Turbulence 10/05
Institute Taps Computer Power to Advance Medical Research 10/05
Phytochemicals May Protect Cartilage, Prevent Pain in Joints 10/05
Media Advisory: Experts on Water Quality, Pollution, and Treatment Plant Reconstruction Issues Raised by Hurricane Katrina 09/05
Modified Collagen Could Yield Important Medical Applications 08/05
Johns Hopkins-led Center Will Study and Develop Voting Technologies 08/05
To Make Stronger Platinum Jewelry, Add a Little Chromium 07/05
Students Steer a Blimp to Test near Space Military Technology 07/05
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Program Adds Materials Option 07/05
Students Revamp Tractor for Use by Workers with Disabilities 06/05
New Center Will Study Urban Pollutants and Ways to Manage Them 06/05
Undergraduate Engineers Devise Basketball System for the Blind 05/05
Provost Undergraduate Research Award: Undergraduates Make Heart Research Discoveries in Medical Lab 03/05
Provost Undergraduate Research Award: Undergraduate Tests Safety of Tissue Engineering Technique 03/05
Provost Undergraduate Research Award: Artificial Antenna Helps 'Cockroach Robot' Scurry along Walls 03/05
Provost Undergraduate Research Award: Student Engineer Finds 'Structural Art' in 19th Century Bridges 03/05
Provost Undergraduate Research Award: Student Identifies Electrical Changes Preceding Heart Failure
Post-Tsunami Thailand Yields Lessons for Coastal Construction 02/05
600 Attend Johns Hopkins' Fifth Annual HeadsUp Engineering Fair 02/05
Johns Hopkins Offers Three New Online Classes for Engineering Professionals 01/05
RFID Chips in Car Keys and Gas Pump Pay Tags Carry Security Risks 01/05
Media Advisory: Johns Hopkins Tsunami Expert Available for Interviews 12/04
Replicating an Eel's Nerve Circuitry May Aid Paralyzed People 12/04
Improved Molecular Switch Could Serve as Sensor, Medical Tool 11/04
$1.2 Million from Moore Foundation Funds Data Analysis Research 11/04
Spaghetti Bridge Contest Set for November 7, 2004 11/04
Accelerated Heartbeat Mystery - Is Odd Electrical Wave the Key 10/04
Biotech Business Plan Wins Top Honor for Johns Hopkins Students 10/04
Media Alert: 'Low-Tech' Engineering Competition 10/04
Johns Hopkins Renames Its Part-Time Engineering Programs 10/04
Researchers Seek to Lure More Women, Minorities to Engineering 09/04
Media Advisory: Computer Scientists Release Study on Venezuelan Referendum 09/04
Riverbank Filtration Pulls Pollutants from Drinking Water 08/04
New Tool Predicts How Long Pollutants Will Stay in Soil 08/04
High School Students Sample Engineering in Summer Program 07/04
Jones Returns to Johns Hopkins as Engineering Dean 07/04
Part-Time Engineering Students Get Option to Build Business Skills 06/04
Low-Cost Robot Could Locate Land Mines in Rugged Terrain 06/04
Vest and Harness May Protect Fragile Adults in Car Crashes 04/04
Paleoecologist Be Honored for Chesapeake Bay Research 04/04
Part-Time Engineering Programs Honor Two Instructors 04/04
Self-Assembling Proteins Could Help Repair Human Tissue 03/04
Provost's Undergraduate Research Award: Student Builds Micro Biosensor Chip to Move DNA Molecules 03/04
Provost's Undergraduate Research Award: Undergraduates Track Molecules That Trigger a Heartbeat 03/04
Provost's Undergraduate Research Award: Student Probes Secrets of Ear Cells Crucial for Hearing 03/04
Part-Time Engineering Faculty Includes Published Authors 02/04
Security Experts Urge U.S. to Abandon Internet Voting Plan 01/04
Lockheed Martin to Sponsor Johns Hopkins University's Annual Engineering Fair 01/04
New Degree Focuses on Environmental Planning and Management 12/03
Johns Hopkins Technology Will Guide Hybrid Undersea Robot 12/03
Johns Hopkins to Receive IBM Institutes of Innovation Award 11/03
Landmark Fruit Fly 'Map' Could Yield Drugs for Genetic Disorders 11/03
Spaghetti Bridge Contest Set for Nov. 9 11/03
Part-Time Engineering Students Can Take 'Virtual' Field Trips 10/03
New Device Measures How Much Force Is Used to Deliver a Baby 10/03
Johns Hopkins Names New Chief Information Security Officer 10/03
Johns Hopkins to Offer Part-Time Master's in Bioinformatics 10/03
Making Tiny Plastic Particles to Deliver Lifesaving Medicine 09/03
Statement from Avi Rubin Regarding the Report by Science Application International Corporation on Maryland's Proposed Electronic Voting System 09/03
Mathematical Sciences Professor Receives International Prize 09/03
Statement of Avi Rubin on relationship with VoteHere Inc. 08/03
Johns Hopkins to Offer Two Homeland Security Courses in D.C. 08/03
Twinning Phenomenon Found in Nanocrystalline Aluminum 07/03
Walt Whitman 11th Grader Ignites Engineering Career 07/03
Student-Built Pill Dispenser Gives Patient More Independence 06/03
NSF Grant Will Fund Information Security Scholarships 06/03
Calvert County Residents First to Graduate from Johns Hopkins' Part-time Engineering Program in Southern Maryland 05/03
Student-Invented Device Eases Installation of Child Safety Seats 05/03
Students Will See How Liquids Behave When Gravity is Gone 04/03
Provost's Undergraduate Research Award: Undergraduate Uses Complex Math to Help Predict Dementia 04/03
Provost's Undergraduate Research Award: Undergraduate Helps Give Medical Robots a Sense of 'Touch' 04/03
Protein Engineering Produces Molecular 'Switch' 03/03
Researchers Solve Ballistic Mystery in Ceramic Armor 03/03
Johns Hopkins Faculty Member Receives Engineering Honor 02/03
Johns Hopkins to Offer Master's Degree in Security Informatics 02/03
Johns Hopkins Uses IBM Technology in Heart Disease Research 02/03
Media Advisory: Lego Surgery Contest 01/03
Technology Review Hails Johns Hopkins Researcher as Pioneer in Tissue Engineering, One of the Top Ten Emerging Technologies 01/03
Johns Hopkins Engineering Forms Advisory Council For Part-Time Programs 01/03
James E. West, Co-inventor of Electret Microphone, Joins Faculty 01/03
Deep Sea Technology Is Put To The Test In Campus Tank 11/02
'Celebration of Excellence' Will Pay Tribute to Two Professors 11/02
Cellular Pathway Contains A 'Clock' that Steers Gene Activity 11/02
Spaghetti Bridge Contest Set for Nov. 9 11/02
Researchers Produce Strong Copper That Retains Ductility 10/02
Johns Hopkins Takes Part-Time Engineering Classes to Massachusetts 10/02
Free Software Predicts How and When Steel Beams Will Buckle 09/02
Tissue Engineers Steering Stem Cells to Produce Bones, Cartilage 08/02
Students Invent Voice-Activated Grasping Tool for Disabled Man 05/02
Whitewater Death Inspires Students to Create Safer Helmet 05/02
Super-Fast Flashes Could Help Scientists See into a Nucleus 04/02
Prescription Drug Pollution May Harm Humans, Aquatic Life 04/02
Undergraduate Unravels Genetic Mysteries in Pesky Fruit Flies 03/02
Mutations May Yield Clues to Heartbreaking Childhood Disease 03/02
Johns Hopkins to Offer New Major in Environmental Engineering 02/02
Mini-Lasers and Silicon on Sapphire Technology Lead to Speedier and Cost-Effective Interconnects Between Computer Chips 12/01
Tracking and Treating Toxic Waste in Urban Neighborhoods 12/01
Online Engineering Exercises Win Top Honor as Learning Aid 12/01
Lego Surgery Contest 11/01
Spaghetti Bridge Contest Set for Nov. 11 11/01
Water Panel Starts "Conversation" Between Religion and Science 11/01
Speech Recognition Technology Will Search Holocaust Archives 10/01
Johns Hopkins Will Dedicate Clark Hall October 12 at Homewood 10/01
Media Alert: Israeli Stem Cell Scientist Will Take Part in Johns Hopkins-Technion Conference On Biomedical Research Breakthroughs 09/01
Johns Hopkins Makes Graphics Software Available for Free 08/01
Lifting Device Helps Handicapped Kids Enjoy the Playground 07/01
Student-Made Window Guard May Save Kids from Deadly Falls 06/01
Digital Model of Amoeba Helps Scientists Study Human Cells 05/01
Hopkins Undergraduates Honored for Research 04/01
Researchers Mine the Secrets of Nanoporous Gold 03/01
Model Helicopters Help Teach High-Tech Engineering 02/01
Spherical Motor Allows Ball-Based 3-D Movement 01/01
Tracking a Microscopic 'Rocket' by Its Tail: Laser Device Lets Researchers See How Bacteria Spread Between Cells 10/00
New Lab Could Help Robots 'Feel' More like Humans 09/00
Fiber-Optic Laser Could Track Changes in Earth's Ozone Layer: Johns Hopkins Teams with NASA-Goddard to Create New Instrument 08/00
Water Quality Researcher Receives Prestigious Clarke Prize (06/00)
Undergraduates' Invention Makes Handguns 'Childproof' (05/00)
Hopkins, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Establish Biomedical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering Program (04/00)
Building the Right Barrier Stops Spread of Deadly Pollutants (03/00)
Falling Snow Can Create a Noisy Nuisance... Underwater (03/00)
Undergrad's Research Could Lead to Early Detection of Heart Disease (02/00)
Transformation Tool Helps Move Images, Video More Quickly 12/99
IBM Supercomputer at Johns Hopkins Hunts for Clues to Heart and Brain Disease 11/99
Prominent National and Local Researchers Will Speak at Johns Hopkins Engineering Celebration 11/99
Richard Sonnenfeldt Honored by Johns Hopkins University 11/99
Electric Field Tames Stubborn Bubbles in Zero Gravity (11/99)
'HARP MRI' Provides Faster, Clearer Pictures of Heart Problems (10/99)
Groundbreaking Set Oct. 6 for Biomedical Engineering Building (10/99)
Report Details Maryland's High Technology Health 08/99
Pedal Power Probe Shows Bicycles Waste Little Energy 08/99
'Hurricane House' Braces for New Storm Season 07/99
Pumping with a Tiny Bubble 06/99
Donohue Named Associate Engineering Dean for Research 06/99
Douglas Named Associate Engineering Dean 06/99
Students Build Pounding Device to Test Armored Vehicles 05/99
Restraining Bar Could Reduce School Bus Injuries 05/99
New Microscope Lets Engineer See How Metal Atoms Arrange Themselves 04/99
Engineering Students Pursue Cutting-Edge Research 04/99
Engineer Gives Robots a New Way to 'See' 03/99
Looking for Land Mines: Hopkins Engineers Use Advanced Math to Find Deadly Devices in Aerial Pictures 02/99
Statistician Helps Health Scientists Stay Ahead of the Curve 01/99
Helping Students Break Barriers in Sciences, Engineering 01/99
Foil, Water, Baking Soda: A Rub-free Solution for Stained Silver 12/98
How Do We Hear While We Sleep? 04/98
Metallic Glass: Material of the Future 03/98
Deregulating Electric Utilities: A Boon for Consumers or a Risky Shot in the Dark? 12/97
'Virtual Lab' Lets Students Tackle Engineering Tasks on the Web 09/97
High-Tech Robots Take Exploration to New Heights--and Depths 08/97
Computer Models of the Heart Can Help Cure Cardiac Ills 07/97
Stopping "Cellular Suicide" Could Boost Production in Biotech Labs 07/97
Scientists Give Computers New Tools to Understand Speech 06/97
Hopkins Engineering Undergrads' Inventions 05/97
Fast-moving Fluid Jets May Turn Sound Energy into Light 04/97
Would You Trust a Robot to Sort Chocolates? 03/97
New 'Nanostructures Center' Takes Giant Leap into Small World 01/97
Moving DNA Molecules with Magnetic Tweezers 01/97
Power from Plastics: Hopkins Scientists Create All-Polymer Battery 11/96
JHU Launches New Business Minor to Prepare Engineers for Management Posts 07/96
JHU Robotics Researcher to Receive National Mechanical Engineering Award 07/96
JHU Dean Will Deliver Thurston Lecture at International Engineering Congress 07/96
In Earthbound Labs, Researchers Unravel the Low-Gravity Physics Of Outer Space 07/96
Hopkins Scientists Hope to End Bubble Troubles in Outer Space 04/96
Engineering Students Try the Banking Business 09/95
Alternate-powered Vehicles: The Wave of the Future 09/95
Innovative Blood Research Earns Hopkins Engineer a Whitaker Grant 07/95
Hufferd Named Director of Chemical Propulsion Information Agency 07/95
Hopkins Researchers Find Polymers Can Control Medication, Strengthen Bones 07/95
Hopkins Engineer Will Comment on Russian Earthquake 05/95
Wolman to be Honored during American Geophysical Union Meeting 05/95
Mechanical Engineering Students at Hopkins Design for the Future 05/95
JHU Engineer Teachings Computers to Learn 04/95
Story Ideas from the School of Engineering 04/95
Journalist to Speak at School of Engineering Convocation 04/95
Students to Race Concrete Canoes: Yes, Concrete! 03/95
Statistical Expert Wins Prestigious Navy Award 01/95
Story Ideas from the School of Engineering 12/94
Story Ideas from the School of Engineering 10/94
Scientists to Honor Robert Scanlan at Hopkins Symposium 10/94
Allan Huston to Receive Blumenthal Award, Deliver Lecture 10/94
Hopkins Gains Renewal of Faculty for the Future Grant 08/94
Hopkins Engineer Receives Young Investigator Award 08/94
Hopkins Engineering Prof Wins Presidential Faculty Fellow 08/94
School of Engineering Names Charles Westgate Associate Dean 08/94
Hopkins Environmental Engineer Receives Young Investigator 07/94
Hopkins Helps City Kids Prepare for Fall 07/94

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